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Whether I’m working right here in St Louis County MN or “on the road,” I’ll be drawing upon over 35 years of experience and knowledge with every piano I work on. My clients know I will listen to their needs and work hard to meet them. Contact me for:


  • Piano tuning:
    Piano strings must be adjusted to the precise tension required to create the correct pitch. Anderson Piano Service will do it right!
  • Piano repairs:
    With over 5,000 moving parts in your piano (estimates vary, but all agree it’s a lot!) it’s easy for some to need repair or even need to be replaced. All those little things add up.
  • Piano regulation:
    Do some notes just seem to play differently than they should? Some parts wear or compress faster than others do. Settings in humidity, settling and other conditions can affect the mechanical aspects of a piano. Regulation means adjusting these components, bringing all those parts back into proper relationship. That means you play better, and enjoy the music more. Maybe a “sample regulation” on a few notes will help you decide.
  • Piano restoration:
    Restoration can mean a range of things to a piano. A “minor restoration” would basically mean making it playable. This depends on what is needed from the piano (good enough for lessons? good enough for regular performance?), what is needed BY the piano ( just new springs? new springs, dampers and hammers?), and what is in the PLAN for the piano(fix it up to sell? fix it up to pass on to a relative?). So, of course, cost will vary, and for some projects the piano might have to come to the shop; for others just the affected parts need to go to the shop. A more thorough restoration than just “playable”, may involve replacing parts that are not YET worn-out to the point of poor functioning, but which interact with others that are worn — or, for example, replacing all of one part (backcheck leathers come to mind), even though only 2/3rds of them are worn, because they need to wear at the same rate for playing to be consistent. As with any repair, when one is mixing new parts with old we have to expect to need some adjustment for them to work together properly. In any event, please do get a detailed listing of what was done and what parts were replaced. It may matter to a future piano technician..
  • Piano rental:
    Not quite sure about piano lessons? Try out a piano for a while! There is a rental payment plan to fit every budget, and tunings are included. Whether in St Louis County, MN or surrounding northeastern Minnesota, simply contact me to schedule your piano rental. (availability varies; call for details)
  • Piano rebuilding:
    Whether from neglect or just years of use, a piano can eventually come to need more than just a ‘fix’. Aging parts, critters, and wear-&-tear can all take a toll. Rebuilding involves major parts replacement, such as new strings and the required new dampers; it may also involve replacing a pinblock or repairing (occasionally replacing) a soundboard. Such major work usually necessitates moving the piano to one of my locations in St Louis County, MN. I might be able to provide a piano for you to use while your is being repaired. Call or e-mail me and let’s talk about it.

I can also recommend movers in the area or can pull together a team locally. Please call me for details!

Service is Key

Anderson Piano Service offers the service you need to keep your piano in top shape. Contact me today with any questions or to schedule your service at 218-263-3850.

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