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signAnderson Piano Service — based in St Louis County, MN but traveling all over the area — is glad to help with piano sales & appraisals. With over 35 years of experience, I will listen to what you need from a piano, help you learn about pianos and help you find the best match for your needs.

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Aren’t all pianos the same?” Well, no. There are the obvious differences, in furniture style, and color, and size; but also there are differences in “touch” and in sound. People find the most pleasure in a piano that is matched to their needs. Do you need a piano whose sound will fill a church? Do you need a piano for a small child, a piano with a light “feel” to it? Take a little time to get acquainted with the instruments you look at. Play them – not just scales, but play every note, and play a piece of music on each piano you consider. It helps to try to play the same piece on each piano.

Don’t forget a bench! believe it or not, the seat has an effect on playing! yes, really! This is especially true for children and shorter adults. Look at your pianist (or yourself) from the side. Now look at the angle of the forearms as the hands rest upon the keys while playing. The forearms should never be coming UP to the keys! they should always be either level with the keys, or slightly above it. Having the correct seat height can help avoid some frustrating mistakes in playing, and can even prevent some injuries to wrists and shoulders.

I can offer some pointers on what to look for (& avoid) in a piano. Sometimes the piano that’s best for you, happens to be offered for sale by someone else. That’s alright; what matters is that you find the piano that meets your family’s needs.

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Pianos can be discussed at this location: 704 W. 41st Street Suite 100, St Louis County, MN, 55746. Please call for an appointment before coming by. When you’re considering purchasing a piano, I can help with selection. Potential customers include:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels & event centers
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Community centers
  • Homeowners:
    A piano is a perfect addition to your living room, family room or den. There are few things as satisfying as making your own music.
  • Churches:
    Somewhere, there’s a piano for every budget and style. Ask about a special bundle-plan for churches. Whether you need several appraisals in the selection process, or a schedule of care for several instruments, you’ve come to the right place!
  • Schools:
    No music department is complete without a piano, that include homeschools! Enhance your educational opportunities with a piano from Anderson Piano Service. Maybe rental option will be best for your students? “Thinking outside of the box” is what I do!


Many situations require a professional appraisal. You may want to determine an instrument’s value, or find out what repairs it needs. Contact Anderson Piano Service to appraise your piano for:

When doing a piano appraisal (whether in St Louis County, MN, or surrounding areas), its conclusion will be informed by several variables. I’ll carefully weigh each of these:

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Anderson Piano Service can assist you with your piano appraisals and purchases. Contact me today to learn more about my pianos and your own. Reach us at 218-263-3850.

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